Our Programs

Here at Suffer Better we work our community magic through a variety of mechanisms:


Each year we host two mountain endurance events, one in the Fall – a tough 10-mile trail run, and one in the Spring – the CO edition of Running Up for Air (RUFA).  Each event is designed to allow the trail running community to test their mettle, while simultaneously raising awareness and funds for two current pressing issues:  the protection and preservation of our public lands and the declining quality of our air.  Learn more about those here.

RUFA-CO - Runningupforairco.com - Coming March 2020!

The Third Annual Suffer Better Ten Mile Trail Run: 10 tough miles, October 19, 2019. Sign up today at: https://runsignup.com/Race/CO/Evergreen/SufferBetter10MileTrailRun.


We offer programs that inform the endurance community about the people, the challenges and the issues we face, as both athletes and humans.   These take the form of panels and presentations or podcasts at local running shops, films, and outdoor activities that unite us in our efforts to both appreciate our gifts and better ourselves and our communities.


In spring 2019, Suffer Better launched its new grant program, offering financial (up to $1000) support for individuals or groups with an innovative project that combines a unique endurance activity and an integrated and meaningful charitable component. 

You can access the Suffer Better Grant Application here:  https://forms.gle/MeDhEyJWDiCBXPRaA