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Skratch Labs - Exercise Nutrition
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Skratch Labs - Exercise Nutrition
Skratch Labs - Exercise Nutrition Skratch Labs - Exercise Nutrition

$ 12.70

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Dr. Allen Lim says it straight up about his SkratchLabs exercise nutrition products:

“For years athletes were getting sick from nasty sports drinks that had too much sugar, not enough sodium, and excess crap they just didn’t need. To solve that problem, we created our Exercise Hydration Mix which contains less sugar, a ratio and amount of electrolytes that actually reflects what’s lost in sweat, and only real fruit for flavor that makes for a clean and light tasting drink that won’t offend anyone’s palette or gut.”  

We love Skratch stuff here at Suffer Better and we use it.  We think you'll dig it too.

We are offering 2 distinct kits so you can drink and run. And run. And run.

Starter Kit: 8 packets of Exercise Hydration Mix (top 4 flavors), 2 packets of tasty energy chews, stickers from both SkratchLabs and Suffer Better, and a Suffer Better water bottle so you can drink it up.

Endurance Kit: Everything in the Starter Kit plus 2 packets of Recovery mix, a box of Cookie Mix and a LokSak.  

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