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Why SB

Suffer Better started at the end of a grueling mountain trail race, when another competitor asked at the finish line, “how do you do that?” The answer was a simple “I suffer better.” Somehow that single phrase resonated with us as both athletes and humans. That led to a few shared Ts among friends, then more Ts, then more stuff and then….In all honesty, we love where it’s going. But we’re just getting started and will go where you all take us.


We are just a couple of Colorado guys for whom running and competing has been key to who and what we are. We’ve raced, even won, races on foot and bike and even snowshoes, from 40 to 100 miles, and we’ve struggled mightily here and there – athletically, personally and professionally. It’s never a picnic, but you know that. Like you, we work at it, fight the fight, and strive to improve. Like you, running is not who we are, but it’s a part of it – teaching and making us better. And like you, we also work and love and raise kids. Sometimes that, too, is hard or hurts or just plain sucks. We try every day to live up to our own mission. Some days are better than others. But we always try – we give our all. And we find ways to give back.


What’s it all about 

But, really, it’s not about us. It’s about all of us – us and you – working together to build something more, something bigger than us. 

You can learn a little about us and SB right here.


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