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Suffer Better 4 Good is a uniquely simple 6-week physical activity challenge among company employees that enriches company culture, builds social capital, boosts engagement, improves fitness, while doing good for the world and your business.

WHY: To foster a culture of engagement, open communication and giving by: • Pitting your employees against one another in a friendly competition, • Building a more positive corporate culture, • Fostering engagement, productivity and communication among teams, and • Developing a rich culture of giving back.

HOW: First a survey of your folks to ID the nonprofit(s) that make sense for you and your business. Then a 6-week internal activity challenge. Participants earn points by tracking workouts, steps & outdoor activities online, via our app or by syncing with Fitbit, Garmin & more.*

WHO: You, your employees and staff; spouses, SOs and partners can be included too.

WHEN:  Launching Winter 2017, signing up companies this summer and fall.  You play when it works for your company.

COST: The fee to play is based on company size, for your entire crew; and, in addition, you commit to a donation to the nonprofit you choose to support.  You enjoy the fun; we do all the heavy lifting.

The Winner Is... Everyone – your company, your people and the nonprofit. The winning team gets some serious internal cred and bragging rights, and, of course, an awesome trophy. The company gets engaged, productive, loyal employees and an impactful connection to a cause, and the nonprofit gets a new friend and a few bucks.

Let the Game begin:

Suffer Better 4 Good is Good for your People, Good for your Company

and Good for the Planet.  

Contact: for more information.

*Suffer Better provides the initial anonymous survey, delivers Lunch and Learns for your people, handles all tech support, provides key email templates, enables real-time leaderboards, and sends weekly enewsletters.  

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