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What is all this Suffer Better stuff.

Suffer Better started, simply and appropriately enough, at an endurance event. Bob, our co-founder and a seriously competitive endurance runner (Leadman winner, Grand Traverse podium finisher , 3X Leadville 100 finisher, etc.), ended a brutal mountain marathon, at 10,000 feet no less, with a strong finish, passing multiple runners over the final miles. When asked about that, Bob replied simply, “I may not be the fastest or have the biggest engine, but I can suffer better.” It’s not – and he wasn’t – just referring to running. At the time, the shit was raining – professionally and personally – for Bob. Life was upside down and nothing was easy. But he knew – still does – that you get nowhere if you can’t or won’t persevere. He knew – still does – that you have to give your all – in running, working, living.

Like Bob, our other founder, Peter, is an endurance runner and, like Bob, he’s endured his share of challenges. And, no, he’s not unique either – but he also gets it. He’s won and finished in the top group of numerous ultra and trail races, but injuries and professional challenges have left him unsatisfied and unfulfilled. The two make good partners.


Together, they realized the whole idea of Suffer Better made sense – both in terms of life and as a way to unite like-minded athletes. They also realized just how lucky they were to even have running and the outdoors as an outlet. So many others have neither the opportunity nor the access to what we have. That good fortune gave rise to the notion that we should not only be giving our all to realize our own goals, but should also be giving back to others. So, we do that: give our all and we give back. And we give you ways to do that too.


The truth is we are just a couple of Colorado guys for whom running and competing has been key to who and what we are. We’ve raced, even won, races on foot and bike and even snowshoes, from 40 to 100 miles, and we’ve struggled mightily here and there – athletically, personally and professionally. It’s never a picnic, but you know that. Like you, we work at it, fight the fight, and strive to improve. Like you, running is not who we are, but it’s a part of it – teaching and making us better. And like you, we also work and love and raise kids. Sometimes that, too, is hard or hurts or just plain sucks. We try every day to live up to our own mission. Some days are better than others. But we always try – we give our all. And we find ways to give back.

But, really, it’s not about us. It’s about all of us – us and you – working together to build something more, something bigger than us. 

You can learn a little more about us and SB right here and here.


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