Our Story

Suffer Better began in the summer of 2013 when, at a tough trail race high in the mountains of CO, our co-founder, Bob Africa, finished well, passing a number of runners over the final tough miles. Bob’s response when lauded for that solid finish, was simple: “You might be younger, faster or have a bigger engine, but I can Suffer Better.”  Something about that simple mantra resonated.  Bob joined forces with fellow runner and training partner, Peter Downing, and the two launched Suffer Better in early 2014, as a way to connect with and inspire the growing endurance community to accomplish bigger things. 

For us at Suffer Better, it's not just about winning or finishing, exercise or fitness. It's about tackling life and athletics with commitment, focus and compassion. We find the outdoors healing, awe-inspiring, rehabilitative, regenerative and energizing.  And we believe we have an obligation to give back.

An article in Competitor Magazine highlighted the new company and its goals.    

As the community grew, we, Suffer Better’s founders, sought to do more and connect more athletes with the Suffer Better mantra and the Give Your All and Give Back philosophy.  We launched our own trail-running events that focused on preserving public lands and improving air quality, forged connections with great companies and individuals in the outdoor world, connected with running shops, and ultimately decided that the most effective way to realize our goals was to become a 501c3 nonprofit. 

At last, in March 2019, we became both a registered nonprofit (501c3) and a nonprofit partner with onepercentfortheplanet.org.


Great company! Good product. Great and fast customer service combined with a vision that rocks! Flying the flag in CA.
— Leah B, CA