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Talk about the Basics - So Important

Talk about the Basics - So Important

A month or two ago, Suffer Better joined forces with the crew from the Esquire Network's Boundless show - Simon Donato, Rory Bosio, Paul "Turbo" Trebilcock, and Hunter McIntyre – to raise both awareness and funds for the Connecting Countries Latrine Building Program.  It's not all that sexy, mind you, but it's downright amazing what a difference something so simple as a toilet, and something we all tend to take so much granted every single day, can make to a student in the developing world.  

Wow, though, our Suffer Better community just never disappoints - stepping up once again to lend their support.  Thanks to our incredibly generous and caring community, our collab project with the Esquire Network's Boundless crew was a huge success. We made a significant and meaningful donation to the Connecting Countries Latrine Building program, contributing to the construction of the first-ever latrine at a primary school in Kenya. That very simple thing will make life and learning better and easier for the 375 youngsters at Kirima Primary School in Nyandarua County, Kenya. Both of us here at Suffer Better have lived and worked, even taught, in Africa and know from personal experience what a significant difference this will make.  It's downright amazing sometimes how such simple things can have such a profound impact.  We actually received a personal note from the foundation's president, thanking us, and you, for the generous donation and the impact it will have. Of course, we are also totally psyched to get so many new folks out there flying the flag in Suffer Better Ts and truckers, from as far away as Morocco and Malaysia even. We love seeing the community grow and we are so thankful for what you enable us to do.

Did you know that over 2.6 Billion (yes, that's a B) people worldwide lack access to basic sanitation?  Wow - that number blows us away. Or that the toilet - yes, that basic every day throne - actually saves more lives than any other invention? Wow again. At a school like Kirima, building a proper latrine reduces student absences due to the myriad of illnesses brought on by poor sanitation, lowers toilet wait time which in turn leads to more class time, and gives students more privacy and increases both safety and dignity.  Those are all small but incredibly meaningful things.  And they really do make a difference to student learning.  Wow.  

So thank you - all of you who jumped in and helped make this happen. Wear your T or trucker or socks proudly, knowing that your purchase made a difference.  Tell people what it means - not just that you give your all, but that you give back, too.  You absolutely did.  Your contributions to what we do are so appreciated.  We're humbled by that.  

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