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Giving Back to our Trails

Giving Back to our Trails

Gratitude for the existence of trails in Wilderness areas is common among trail/ ultra-runners, so much so that volunteer commitment to trail maintenance is a prerequisite of some trail races. The Friends of Mount Evans and Lost Creek (FOMELC) is a charitable organization that assists the U. S. Forest Service in the stewardship of these two Wilderness areas through trail surveys, trail maintenance projects, invasive species identification and treatment, and public education and outreach on the principles of Wilderness and ‘Leave No Trace. 

One especially attractive opportunity for trail runners is to combine a trail survey with a trail run. While it can add about 25% more time to a trail run to stop, make and record observations, there is a tremendous sense of satisfaction once a run is finished in a beautiful remote area while recording data that helps the continued stewardship of the area.

Opportunities for Involvement

  • Participate in FOMELC volunteer training May 18-19 to learn how to do your own trail surveys
  • Accompany a trail runner on a survey
  • Participate in a trail maintenance project
  • Contribute to FOMELC to help support trail maintenance and education activities.

Come meet the FOMELC at the Foothills Home, Garden and Lifestyle Show on March 30-31 at the Evergreen High School. Check out the Friends’ website to learn more about the group and discover tremendous resources for learning about the trails in the Wilderness areas ( (Event information on the website is old because the site is currently undergoing significant upgrade). Or contact the Friends ( to learn more about how to support our local Wilderness areas.

Peter Vrolijk

FOMELC volunteer and trail runner

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