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Cycling in the very best

Cycling in the very best

Sometimes it just takes longer than we wish.  Better late than never, though.  Last year we worked with our friends at Cuore ( to design and offer our first-ever Suffer Better cycling kit.  Of course, I bought one.  I wear it every time I ride - road or mountain.  I totally like the look, the fit and, of course, the message.  We kept it simple and clean - like our other stuff - black with white lettering.  That doesn't work for everyone, we learned.  Then again, what does.  

So this year we went back to Cuore and worked on some fresh new designs, adding some splashes of bright green and/or dark pink, along with some additional white stripes.  Honestly, we think they're pretty darn nice.  Of course, we know we won't - and can't - please everyone, but if you're a cyclist, you'll dig these.  Cuore makes super nice stuff; shoot, they make the kits for a number of the teams riding the Tour (yes, that Tour). If it's the kind of thing those guys like for 23 days in the saddle, we're in.  We've got jerseys, shorts and bibs for both men and women.  Your cycling partner will totally love you if you get him/her one of these.  We will too.  It helps us spread the message.

Like everything we do, there's "The 110" for our new kits as well.  This year we joined forces with the good folks at People for Bikes and that just means we'll donate 10% of what we make from the kits to them for their programs.  If you don't know them, you should check them out.  They are all about making cycling better for everyone - fighting hard for more bike-friendly roads, wider shoulders, bike lanes and bike paths. Personally, I love those new green bike lanes.  Mind you, I know I still have to be incredibly alert and watchful when I'm pedaling the streets, but I'm psyched that there's a growing awareness of the importance of bikes in the overall transportation system.  

The new Cuore Suffer Better cycling store for new these kits is only open until September 2, just  a little over a week away.  If you're a cyclist act fast to get yours. And if you know one, who doesn't, share this with them so they won't be totally jealous of yours or feel left out.  Great way to fly the flag.  


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