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Brothers - An Inspirational Story

Brothers - An Inspirational Story

What inspires us:  This

A note from the father of an autistic boy who is a big fan of Suffer Better and what we stand for.  It came in an email last week.  

"Our son Tyler and I just got back from a long (for us) 25-mile bike ride. As we came back into town, Tyler suddenly turned up a huge hill and attacked it with real energy. I got alongside him and asked him. "what are you thinking?"  He turned to me, smiled and said "Suffer Better, dad, Suffer Better."  Wow.

Dad claims he beat Tyler up the hill – yeah, sure Dad – but Tyler clearly put his pedal to the metal and gave it his all.  And he gives back, too. Tyler, just a kid himself, is responsible for the launch of a group called Hope Makes a Future, which provides resources and support for families with autistic children, like his younger brother, Matthew.  Here is the Dad's story of how Tyler came up with the idea for this impactful group.

"A few years back my wife, our oldest son Tyler and I ran a 5k in support of several local autism charities. After the event Tyler said, 'I want to do more stuff like this to help other cool kids like my brother.'  Yes, Tyler's little brother Matthew is autistic."

From these kind words of a loving brother, Hope Makes A Future was born. Hope Makes A Future is not a charity; it's really more of a matchmaker that brings generous people together with the strong but often struggling families with autistic children that need their help. They do this by competing in 5K races and Sprint Triathlons to help raise awareness about autism.  One of the group's goals is just to find a way to bring autism families together with other families in a safe environment where everyone is accepted simply for being who they are.  Brothers can be so damn awesome.

We appreciate the heck out of what Tyler has done and is doing to support his brother and we're looking for ways to help them spread their message.  This is part of that. Check out their Facebook page, like it, and share it with people in your circle.  Every little bit helps, and Tyler's done the hard work for us.  Thanks, Tyler.

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