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Suffer Better - it means what it says.

Suffer Better - it means what it says.

You know life's hard, you're living it.  We've all got our challenges - home, work, relationships, aches and pains, emotional baggage, and of course, training - but it can't be our excuse for feeling lousy, treating people like dirt, doing nothing, or settling for less. That stuff, whatever it is, should be our carrot - and our stick - pushing us to be more and do more.  Sure, we're all suffering, but let's do it better and turn it into something good. For us that just means giving your all - in everything you do - and giving back.  Those are two key pillars for us - believing that if we can give our all to our athletic endeavors we should also be giving back.  We're lucky; we have the freedom and the ability to train and race.  So many do not.  So, yes, do Suffer Setter. It works. You'll see.  

(photo credit to Peter Jones)


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